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Wellness Cocoon Pods
Wellness cocoon Pods

Cocoon Wellness Pods:  There are two Cocoon pods that will be offered, the Wellness Pro pod and the Aqua IR Hydration Pod.  Cocoon session generally ranges from 15 to 60 minutes depending on the goals of the user.  Benefits of these pods include: Weight Management, Relaxation, Mental Acuity, and Personal Fitness.  
Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod: A luxurious, full body, powered massage system ergonomically situated within a pod of thermal active energy creates a revitalizing, rejuvenating and relaxing experience for the mind, body, and spirit. Users lie down in the bed, adjust the features, and enjoy private wellness sessions that last from 15 to 60 minutes.  The customer will experience the limitless rewards of mindfulness, enhanced fitness, and well-being.  The Cocoon Pod features a patented, built-in exercise fitness system. Exercise bands are easily changed to provide low to high resistance for all fitness levels. The Integrated FitBed optimizes weight management goals and maximizes calorie burn for increased fitness results.
The color touch screen provides workouts for users to choose from. The system combines high heat and exercise and enables calories to burn better. Fitness experts choose to use the FitBed exercise system to help them achieve their fitness goals faster.  The user friendly Cocoon software includes preset Cocoon programs:  Relax; Wellness; Power Nap; and Fitness & Weight Management.  Users can also select custom programs or create their own customized setting for pre and post fitness workouts sessions. All programs can be modified to personalize and change:  Session time; Duration; Heat Levels; and Massage Intensity.
The Cocoon Aqua IR Hydration Pro Pod:  The Cocoon Aqua IR Hydration Pro Pod is the first revolutionary whole body liquid wellness pod system that provides the skin surface with deep heat, topical, soothing moisture, powerful water proteins, and liquid vitamin solutions.  Features include: Liquid Vitamin Solution Infusion System; Far Infrared Radiant Heat; Steam Diffusion; Colorful Spectrum Lights; Vibratory Massage Bed; Aromatherapy; Soft, Comfortable Bed & Head Pillow; Adjustable Cool Facial Air; and Enriched Oxygenized Air. 
Cocoon Aqua IR Hydration Pro Premium Oxygen Science Solutions infuse steam with natural herbs, select vitamins and liquid aquaporin nutrients for the appearance of brighter, hydrated, glowing skin! Beautiful skin wellness is now easier than ever. Our skin tissue is 90% liquid and the Cocoon Aqua IR Hydration Pro provides special aquaporin liquid vitamins and oxygenated solutions that topically nutrify the skin with liquid-only technology. 
Cocoon Aqua IR Hydration Pro Settings:

Hydrate: LED Color: Green
Oxygen Science Product: Hydrate or Aloe; Fragrance: Cucumber & Melon Blends; Key Ingredients: Aloe, Collagen, Algae, Hyaluronic Acid

Cleanse: LED Color: Blue
Oxygen Science Product: Cleanse or Mineral Melanin; Fragrance: Chamomile, Geranium & Lavender; Key Ingredients: Green Tea, Algae, Minerals, Bark Extract

Bright Luminous: LED Color: Orange
Oxygen Science Product: Bright-n-Luminous or E&C; Fragrance: Citrus; Key Ingredients: Vitamins E, C, A, B, Green Tea, Oligopeptides

Weight Management: LED Color: Pink
Oxygen Science Product: Weight Management or COQ; Fragrance: Pomegranate & White Tea; Key Ingredients: Caffeine, Yerba Mate, Algae, Cranberry
Cocoon Pod Benefits: General wellness system that is part of a healthy lifestyle; promotes relaxation & stress management; maintain weight management or assist with weight loss goals; improved mental acuity; assists in firming, toning, and improving physical fitness; promotes healthy lifestyle sleep management choices and customized vibrational massage for relaxation.