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Due to the various locations of our Quantum H.E.A.L. Clinics, as well as the ability to travel to clients with our Healers and Health Coaches, the Energy Medicine Centers Team is comprised of a variety of healing and healthcare professionals that include Board Certified Natural Medicine Physicians, Registered Nurses, experienced Shamans, Certified Reiki and Qigong Practitioners, Yoga and Meditation Instructors, Mediums, Intuitive Healers, Akashic Record Readers and Healers, Galactic Intuitives, Channelers, Oracles, Life Coaches, and more.

We are working on a Team Directory, and hope to have this available to the public as we launch each new location. If you wish to be a part of our Healing Team or Healing Network, please contact us for more information.  

It is an honor to be a part of one of the most beautiful and amazing network of Healers who are seeking to impact humanity and our planet in this transformational shift of love and light as we work to awaken and activate humanity's planetary blueprint and healing together, as Oneness.

In Gratitude and Light,
Julie Kramer

Founder and President
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People today are seeking and craving a new way of healthcare, complete body and energy healing, and a new way of healthy living. This need is resonating throughout the entire globe, and is not subjective to any particular population, age, race, gender, class, or political affiliation. It is frankly undeniable that in the scientific quest to understand and control life, conventional medicine and ideology, vaccinations, and pharmaceutical drugs actually pose one of the leading threats to life.  One needs only to review the statistics to see that the entire world is facing a healthcare crisis never before known, and it should be obvious that if we continue on the same "scientific" path to resolve our health woes, we will continue to get the same results.

Energy Medicine has traditionally and successfully incorporated familiar techniques from time-honored ancient medicinal traditions such as Qigong, Shamanic Medicine, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and natural herbal nutrients. Energy Medicine Centers is incorporating an integration of those familiar alternative medicine functions with innovative and pioneering healing modalities, offering a new-age, non-invasive healthcare approach. 

This modality will involve modern advanced technologies in quantum space medicine (tachyon, frequency, plasma) and healing chambers into an unconventional combination of space-age and reputable alternative medicine approaches. Providing true healing options for clients with cancers, tumors, viruses, illness, and the diseases we have been told can only be treated and not cured. 

These healing options create an optimal balance of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body at the cellular level where dis-ease can no longer exist, bringing forward a new definition and understanding of healthcare with true healing technologies, proactive therapies, and the blueprint for humanity's planetary transformation and healing, where Energy is the medicine. Conveying awareness to the planet of proven healing options that do not involve the ineffective cycles of medications, pharmaceuticals, toxic chemicals, and side effects, Energy Medicine Centers will change the face of healthcare and mark the beginning of a new healing modality. 

In addition to using these new-age quantum technologies for humanity’s healing, our founder has the visions of introducing these technologies beyond, inclusive of environmental, agricultural, and construction-based projects around the world, including the designs and revelations of additional technologies that come into the visions of our founder.  There will be additional phases that will follow our Energy Medicine Centers in our missions for a planetary transformation.  Join us in our mission for a revolutionary healthcare and planetary healing shift.


We always endeavour to deliver the most therapeutic energy healing experiences for our guests and members. When you are relaxing at our Energy Medicine Center, you can enjoy a wide variety of carefully chosen healing and wellness technologies, energy therapies, products, classes, and education designed for all who seek a true balance of health.  All Members receive a variety of perks, specials, discounts, guest passes, and access to all classes, education, and retreats.

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What is Energy Medicine, Energy Healing, and Why Does It Work
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Energy Medicine & Energy Healing (A Brief Overview) 

In the field of healthcare, the old conventional model relying on surgery and prescription drugs are being challenged by a wave of dramatic non-invasive energy based techniques, many of which are centuries old, originating throughout various regions of the world.  They are generating worldwide studies with remarkable results.  How does this effect our health, our society and our future?
To understand Energy Healing and Energy Medicine, we must not look at the body being a "machine" that we treat with chemicals and toxins, instead we must look at our bodies as physical vessels of matter and energy, also known as Quantum physics.  In understanding Quantum physics, we understand the universe is made up of energy and everything we see (and do not see) is also matter and energy, including ourselves.

Invisible sources play a primary role in the new understanding of biology and Energy medicine.  When studying and understanding Energy, we now know that Energy becomes entangled, and knowing that everything is composed of energy and becomes entangled, means that it cannot be separated.  So when we are looking at life, we look not just at our own physical body, but of our perceptions of the world, family relationships, job relationships, how and what we consume, and world issues occurring at that moment, because everything in our environment infringes upon our health.  We need something bigger and greater, enhanced self-care moves to the forefront.  We need to take more responsibility for our health and wellness.  The future of healthcare and "new" Energy Medicine is looking at the body as a dynamic system.  What effects one part of the body, effects the entirety of your body.  It is imperative to approach the body as a holistic energy system, we can treat ourselves through energy, through things we cannot always see.  

Energy Medicine has existed for thousands of years, and IS the future of our healthcare, and the future of our livelihood.  Energy Medicine is effective, gentle, it's non-invasive and it has absolutely no side effects.  Studies show approximately 55% of the population are now using alternative and integrative medicine because they are getting proven results and it is much more cost effective than a doctor.  Thousands of studies have been conducted with proven results,  More and more PEMF therapies are being given FDA approval to treat certain diseases, illnesses and ailments.  These types of therapies are being utilized in countries like Europe to fully CURE cancers, tumors, and various life-threatening illnesses.  Will the United States' FDA ever fully approve all treatments as cures, probably not.  For the only reason being that it effects the billion dollar pharmaceutical companies from their vicious and ugly cycles of drug dependencies they have created for so many years.  That does not mean we cannot continue to utilize these therapies with our own proven results for our clients.  The proof is in the improved energy and vibrational frequency of each and every one of us.  

Our Mind and our Energy is central to our health and to the presence or non-presence of disease.  There is magic and connection between all things.  Our health is not dictated by our genes  (genetic determinism), as we are told to believe.  Our health is based on epigenetics, with fates and activations being controlled by our own environment.  In any cell, the membrane is semipermeable, with receptors that allow information in and out.  Our entire environment, our diet, the air we breathe, our emotions, the sum total of how we live our lives effects whether a gene gets turned on or off.  Our perceptions are converted into chemistry, our chemistry controls our behavior and genetic expression as well.  Our genes can be turned on and off not just with drugs, supplements and foods, but also by our attitudes and emotions.  Our  energy field is what interacts with our health.

Our Biofield

Energy healing involves invisible energy waves which include both thought and “the field” – an entire collection of energy that makes up the universe.  "The field" is what shapes ALL matter. 

“The 'Field' is the soul governing agency of the particle” ~ Albert Einstein

Organizing fields in and around the body or living things is subtle and complex and consists of many types of fields to include EMF, biophotons (low level particles of light), infrared emissions and heart and brain waves.  Fritz Albert Pop, a world renowned researcher of biophoton emissions has found and proven that light emits from all living things.  This light is generated in DNA, and acts as a global signaling for the entire body and is also a communication system with the outside world.  The light changes around the body even if one piece of the body is being healed.  The real orchestrator of the body is light not genes or genetic code. 

Fields extend throughout space, just as it does in all living organisms.  We are radiating like stars into the universe, and as a result there is no boundary on the biofield, we are all entangled in one web of life energy.  The Earth has some dominant frequencies in its energy field, one of them is the Shuman Resonance, about 7.8 Hz, which is also the chief frequency coming from our brains when we are very relaxed (8 Hz).  The fields of life and the fields of Earth and cosmos really have no separation, we are one rich living universe. 

Revolutionary new "field" based views of medicine and the human body in healthcare are becoming the new modalities that emphasize energy and vibration.  We think of ourselves as discreet objects but we are actually part of a giant quantum energy field, not separated, instead, entangled as one.  

“The field is the only reality” ~ Albert Einstein
Energy Medicine regards the body as primary fields of information that can be shifted by different therapeutics, which includes Homeapathy, Energy Healers, and Devices that emit certain frequencies to shift the biofield.  By shifting the biofield we shift the dynamics of the body towards a movement of health and wellness.

All individual atoms are energy vortices, intricate vibrational fields.  When we look at the body through scans (such as an MRI), we are looking at energy profiles.  The significance of healing in quantum physics, shows that the energy can be adjusted by other energy rather than chemistry.  Extensive research has shown that energy information signals are 100 times more efficient in controlling biology than our chemical signals. 

Now with the dawning of explosive new discoveries in quantum physics, genetics, and the human energy field, we are seeing momentous changes in how we approach healthcare.  Countless studies are revealing the remarkable effectiveness of energy medicine, and people around the world are now using powerful energy healing and mind body techniques for their own healthcare methods to help achieve optimum health and to bring through the higher vibrtatory energies of balance and peace.  As this empowering wave ripples through our world it creates transformational shifts in consciousness and  contributes to the evolution of humanity.  We now touch the closest thing to soul and humanity, the next step for evolution of humanity to utilizing our minds, the power of positive thinking, the power of positive energy, with visualization and intention of having that future together.  Energy medicine is teaching us how this is possible.  We continue to be much more powerful, as we reach out and make this shift happen.  
Energy Healing Partners has a passion and determination to help the world shift away from the pharmaceutical pursuit of masking and treating illness and disease.  We are moving into the healing of the energy field as a much more effective and efficient way of introducing health, wellness and stability into our body.  Let us assist you in illuminating and strengthening your Energy fields, wellness and health today, to be the BEST YOU possible.  No chemicals, no side effects, only a brighter, stronger, vibrant, conscious and healthier you.  The BEST YOU equals the BEST HUMANITY, and equals the evolution and transformational shift that is happening NOW.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  We promise you will have no regrets.  

For more information and research about Energy Medicine, Energy Healing and how it all works, please visit our Education, Resources and News pages throughout our website.

With Love and Light, 

The Energy Medicine Centers Team