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Tachyon Healing Chambers
what is a Tachyon ChambER

The Tachyon Chamber is a unique place where the energy
of Tachyon Particles are concentrated in such a way
causing the entire room to emit Tachyon energy at
very high levels. Tachyons are faster than light particles
that have a profound effect on the human body,
energy field, emotions as well as the  mental and spiritual
makeup of a person.  

Our Tachyon Chambers are unique due to the very

high amounts of Tachyon saturation within the
chamber and the connection to the 12th Dimension
Beings who we work with to stream the Tachyon
into Earth through our beautiful sacred geometric
pyramid and crystal generators. 

In addition, special use of a series of sacred geometries

were formulated then added to the most cutting edge
Michium technology in the Tachyon industry to bring
about a Tachyon Chamber experience that many have described
as an "Out of this World Experience"

Below are some of the Benefits to being inside a Tachyon Chamber:

  • Pain and lethargic symptoms decrease
  • Natural healing of the body occurs much faster
  • Muscular, skeletal, circulatory, nervous, lymphatic, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, urinary, reproductive systems as well as cells, tissues and organs.  are all replenished, recharged and rejuvenated.  Multiple sessions may be required for more serious imbalances.
  • Memory and concentration increases
  • Body is assisted in a gentle detoxification
  • Energy blocks are released from all layers and levels of the body and energy field
  • Deep relaxation occurs
  • Mental, emotional and spiritual fields are cleared and charged with light particles
  • Drops all resistance to being in a healed state, promotes positive desires to heal
  • Brings in the negative ions needed for healthy functioning
  • Strongly amplifies any desired manifestation/desire
  • Harmonizes harmful EMF in the body and aura field
  • Promotes deep relaxation​​

Benefits Of Being Inside A Tachyon Chamber
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