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Spiritual Benefits

  • Tachyon profoundly promotes spiritual development and in many cases have quickly opened up spiritual channels (3rd Eye).
  • Tachyon heightens spiritual &  psychic awareness and helps to gently access all emotional memory blocks for mental & emotional release. 
  • Tachyon deepens the meditation experience.
  • Tachyon assists in developing greater visual and audio abilities psychically.
  • Tachyon assists in out of body experiences, in a positive, pleasant manner.
  • The Tachyon consciousness works in perfect alignment with your own particular mission and accelerates your ability to align with your purpose.
  • The Tachyon Consciousness can teach and guide you. ​

  • Tachyon restores chakra and meridians to a "Healthy Zero Point".​
  • Tachyon accelerates the body's capacity to heal from illness or disease.
  • ​Many have reported that fields of Tachyon increase their physical and mental stamina.  
  • Tachyon may increase stamina so you feel rejuvenated.
  • Tachyon profoundly affects the DNA by regenerating and activating the higher DNA strands that are currently coming online in ascending humans.
  • Tachyon promotes pain relief; Assists body in mild but needed detoxification.
  • Wonderful for: AnxietyADD, ADHD, Autism; Circulation; DiabetesCarpal TunnelBack PainReleasing  pain​Many other physical ailmentsDeeper quality sleep​

  • Tachyon Living Products amplify your desired goals and intentions.  
  • Tachyon works beautifully and harmoniously by amplifying crystals  and  gemstones natural attributes as well as those that have been imbued.
  • You can use Tachyon during healing sessions to amplify the results, to clear all resistance and to amplify the energy of the healing being used.
  • Place Tachyon in your wallet/purse next to your money and allow it to amplify the field of abundance.
  • Use Tachyon to amplify and 'announce' your goals.

Health Benefits
Manifesting Benefits
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