Quantum Star Codes, Biogeometric Signatures, and Hyperspace Healing

Biogeometry Signature Healing:  

Based on over 45 years of research, BioGeometry Signatures are diagrams that help balance the subtle energy of body organs. The organ subtle energy patterns are accessed through BioGeometry Signatures placed externally in the body's energy fields to create a connection through Resonance of Shape. The human body is not separate from the shapes, angles and proportions that surround us, and these shapes create energetic patterns that can introduce equilibrium and harmony into our own biological makeup. This is a modern science of energy balancing that provides the key to the hidden ancient knowledge of great civilizations.

With BioGeometry, Dr. Ibrahim Karim has demonstrated how powerful simple shapes can be in altering the functioning of our physical, mental, and spiritual worlds. This has been frequently demonstrated in architectural and design projects, environmental balancing solutions including the mitigation of the effects of electro-pollution and geopathic stress, in health and wellness projects, and in the efforts of individuals in their personal spiritual development. With a session of BioGeometry Signatures, you will experience how powerful certain carefully created shapes can be in altering the physical functioning of organ systems, in supporting healing, and in changing physical and mental states. We invite you to allow us to work with these signatures and feel how they can assist you in your own search for healing and harmony.  Biogeometry Signature Healing is a new, Universal Spiritual Science providing hidden knowledge & practices from multiple world traditions with the "veils" removed.

Galactic Frequency Star Code Healing: 

Star Codes provide access to assisting frequencies already in the state of reality you wish to resonate with in order for your body to ascend into a place of balance and healing today by bathing your cells in the vibration of the intelligence of things which have information you body will use to balance. Turning to nature for this perfection in the form various frequencies  of Crystasl, Animal Totem, Flower and Tree Essences, and even Meridian frequencies were part of the Divine download I was given and I am continuing to receive. Sit quietly in nature- it is healing. Resonate with nature, and you return to wholeness. The fear layers fall away and reveal your true self. A being of light and love. This is Entrainment, or falling into a rhythmic relationship with the Universe. Some call this "going with the flow".  Many beings are out of sync and struggling to keep up with the ever-rising frequencies as Gaia ascends.  As the saying goes, when you stop struggling, you float.
Are you letting your fear-based thoughts emotions disrupt your energy flow and well-being?  The turth is that humans are given various harmful programs  throughout childhood, adult hood, and through Epigenetics (the environmental frequencies you surround yourself with and allow in). You are not alone and we are here to assist you in facilitating communication of your higher self in order to achieve physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional balance and allow you to release dis-ease so you can remember your whole and complete self.  Know that we are not doing the healing, you are! Our bodies were created to heal and capable of complete health and wellness when imbalances are released and assisting frequencies accessed, we are merely opening these sacred frequencies to allow the rebalancing to begin.  These Star Codes incorporate various Galactic Codes, Galactic Light Langauges, Sacred Symbols, Regeneration Healing, and Balancing By Numbers into your sessions to allow you to entrain with the flow of Universal good and deliver these frequencies (as codes) to your Heart for Coherant Resonance and your Mind for setting Intentions, Manifestations, and Frequency Resonance. 

Hyperspace Healing:

Hyperspace is the region of consciousness which encompasses the deepest level of creation and from which all mental and physical conditions emerge.  Our healers have been trained in the knowledge and secrets of creation through the perplexing principles of DNA, the biological connecton between spirit and matter which determines are physical characteristics and maladies.  Archetypeal expressions of consciousness have been identified, in which DNA is compirised of four proteins corresponding precisely to universal symbols which exist in a region of our thoughts recognized as hyperspace.  Change the symbols and we change the DNA as well as the physical condition.  This sacred panorma of healing techniques is extremly powerful,.  We offer sacred mind-pattern archetypes, an important relationship to the physical body, as energies from the thoughts behind the archetypes create the DNA sequences that develop/heal the body, meaning your thoughts CREATE, "As you think, so you are."  Our sessions will offer these sacred archetype symbols in a variety of quantum methods to deliver a DNA shifting technique that is rare and unsurpassed.  

"Within every patient there resides a doctor and we as physicians are at our best when we put our patients in touch with the doctor inside themselves."
~ Albert Schweitzer 

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The Human Biofield
The human biofield is the energetic blueprint or matrix that creates the human form. Every human being, and every living creature on this planet, has such a blueprint. The human biofield is multidimensional, offering 3D physical form (with the potential to ascend to much more advanced and higher dimensions) along with the vibrational aspects of the emotional and mental planes and beyond. The biofield is holographic, while at the same time reflects our state of being moment to moment. If any portion of the physical body is removed, the holographic blueprint of that tissue remains. The biofield can be read, scanned and interpreted in many different ways, just like any blueprint.

It directly links the bodies cellular activity with the meridian pathways to create the physical form and all other vibratory aspects of the being. This energetic field is like a superhighway that allows the DNA in our cells to communicate faster than light and maintain a coherent, holistic, intelligence, in the organism. The biofield is commonly referred to as the aura, but this is not strictly accurate as the biofield is comprised of multiple frequencies and information.

Every one of us is an energy being. In fact, we are all beings of light existing across multiple dimensions. We all consume different frequencies of light in multiple ways to create who we are. Your biofield is a complex living structure and the energy of that structure is sometimes referred to as Quantum Energy. Indeed, we are very complex beings existing as a combination of up to 22 vibratory states, interconnected with up to 14 strands of DNA, all of which are based on light energy.  These vibratory states coalesce or form around the zero point of your central cord.


The total number of energy centres will differ for each individual. Every person is unique, emerging as one of many possible combinations. We recognise that your strands of DNA can become constricted, and it requires unique healing practises to uncoil or open the DNA, allowing for greater expression of light. In the end that's what we are, expressions of light.  The term Human Biofield is often referred to as the Human Energy Field. 

The Human Biofield or Energy Field has the potential to be corrupted and the energy flow blocked. When the flow is blocked or disrupted, a natural healthy balance cannot be maintained, and states of disease will become evident. Contaminated and lifeless foods, environmental toxins, parasites, chronic viral infections, surgery, emotional trauma and negative thought patterns, as well as misguided energies and inter-dimensional interferences, all have the potential to interfere with your energy flow.

Everything we consume, both physically and mentally, have consequences. Those consequences can be supportive to our health or degrade it. What many people do not realise is that genetic hereditary patterns, and even past lives can have an effect on the light energy of the biofield. This is where energy healing comes into it's own by providing the techniques to cross multiple dimensions and makes positive healing changes and rebalance at a cellular level. So having defined the Human Biofield we can now understand a bit more about the realm of Energy Healing.  

By using the above mentioned healing techniques of quantum star codes, biogeometric signatures, and hyperspace healing, we are able to manipulate and shift the energy field aka biofield into a rebalance and "code" it with sacred symbols, numbers, sacred geometric signatures, and hyperspace archetypes to affect a powerful cellular healing.  
Every Human is a Complex
Multi-Dimensional Energy Being
The Human Biofield is Holographic