(Portal Activation Laser System)

ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE P.A.L.S. (Portal Activation Laser System)​​


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  • This is a sacred protocol of specific placement of a sacred light frequency, time, and wording

  • Opens sacred portals throughout the body to heal past, present, and future lifetimes permanently

  • Removal of Energetic Cords, Spiritual Contracts, and Reptilian Holographic Implants

  • Full manifestation of opening health and financial healing portals

  • This technology and specific light frequency was banned in Ancient Egypt (due to its powerful capabilities) and is responsible for the advancement of Atlantis (both in healing and technology) before it was infiltrated and suppressed

  • Communication Laser Infused with custom RIFE frequencies and Biogeometry Signatures

  • Full Axiatonal Alignment and DNA restructuring for Energy Healing and Ascension

  • Protocol System created by higher dimensional beings and founder of Energy Medicine Centers

  • P.A.L.S. is only available through Energy Medicine Centers, being released August 2019

  • July 27, 2019 – August 14, 2019, Energy Medicine Centers will offer an introductory price of $195 USD, after this time, these will not be available for order until October 1, 2019 at $395 USD

  • Each P.A.L.S. is custom infused and sold exclusively by Energy Medicine Centers

  • Energy Medicine Centers will ask for those participating in the 2 week introductory offer price to send a weekly check in for 30-45 days (via email) on provided assessment or personal journal for tracking individual health and financial progress and results (this will remain anonymous and is optional, however we encourage participation for verifiability of this healing process.

  • Once purchase is made, you will receive a brief assessment within one week to share any health ailments or ongoing personal situations that you may wish to address.  We will infuse additional frequencies into your PALS to assist with these.  

Included in the introductory price for the P.A.L.S. will be:

  1. 2 Programmed Lasers (one health, one financial)
  2. Each Laser is infused with specific RIFE frequency and biogeometry signature protocols for health and financial abundance to be amplified during your daily session
  3. Spiritual Contract and Reptilian Implant Removal Protocol
  4. A specific protocol to be followed consistently for 30 days (or more if desired) with a list of specific implant locations and healing portals to be opened and permanently healed
  5. Axiatonal Protocol
  6. Biogeometry Signatures Paper Emitter
  7. 9 small crystal quartz custom frequency and biogeomery infused pyramids                              Clear Quartz Crystal Pyramid Size : 12 X 15 MM each. Excellent for placing with laser, in locker, wallet, cash box, handbag, wealth vase. Place in anywhere in the home, office, or vehicle for pure positive energy flow.
  8. 3 Black Sun Orgonite® Tower Busters Powerful Orgone Generator                                             These Orgone Generators® are great EMF protection or gridding your Home.  Made of Clear Quartz, Rose, Citrine,   Amethyst, and Shungite​
  9. Pyramid Energy Generator,Reiki Chakra Healing Crystal Quartz Stone                                           This Generator has 4 Clear Crystal points attached to a pyramid at the center.
           Center pyramid amplifies the four directions of energy of earth through its apex.                                                                                   Use for energy amplifying,healing and reiki balancing, recharging, degaussing, protection, meditation, divination,                         Placing this pyramid energy generator in your home promotes a positive flow of energy in your home or sacred space.               Pyramid energy generator is all about clarity of mind, helping you to become focused and clear on your dreams. It                       activates chakras and energizes your soul to increase your inter-connectedness.

(Please note that because these are custom infused for each customer, refunds are not available 48 hours after purchase, please use responsibly)

We are excited to connect with you and track your health and financial healing as you permanently open and heal your individual Soul portals of past, present, and future.  

It is time to break all spiritual contracts on your Soul, remove the holographic implants that have enslaved us all for so many lifetimes.  We now take back our freedom, abilities, gifts, and highest consciousness as we ascend. 

With Gratitude and Light,

Energy Medicine Centers Healing Team

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