O3 and Nano-Structured H2O

Nano-Structured/Microcluster Water:
Powerful Detoxification and Energy Enhancement

Enjoy a visit to our Ozone Bar, offering a nice tall glass of fresh O3 mixed with Nano-Structured Microcluster Water ...
With an integration of O3 and Biophotonic Light Nano-Structuring, we offer a combination of one of the best gifts you can give to your body in the form of hydration.

The Biophotonic Light WS Vial, structures water into micro-clusters for greater cellular permeability (uptake and absorption). This is a physical action that takes place at the molecular level.  Small water clusters (microclusters) offer an enhanced delivery of harmonic resonance of botanicals intothe body, absorption and higher discharge of waste.Small water clusters are easily hydrated through cell membrane. They carry more nutrients and information of botanicals into the cells and take out more toxins.

To understand this necessary component to life, we must understand its chemical properties and how it works in and with our bodies. The water molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom to form the oft-quoted H20 molecule. However, what you may not know is that water comes in clusters of molecules (rather than single molecules), and tap water contains very large clusters of up to 13 molecules. It is as if 13 groups of water are essentially holding hands.
What this means for your body is that you will feel fuller longer after drinking a glass of tap water, because of the amount of water molecules that need to be processed for hydration. However, if you drink micro-clustered water, or water that contains only five or six molecule clusters, the water will be that much more hydrating, soluble and permeating for the cells and the body. In essence, it's a system that delivers wetter water so that more of the nutrients will be absorbed into the cells at a faster rate.
Sound confusing? Think of micro-clustered water as a handful of Bb's compared to a softball. If you throw the softball at a chain-link fence, it won't pass through. However, if you throw the Bb's at the fence, they pass through seamlessly. Micro-clustered water is like that. It permeates your cells much like the Bb's through the fence, hydrating your body within seconds of drinking, leaving you less bloated and more completely hydrated.
By drinking water that contains fewer molecules, or micro-clustered, you can hydrate your body more quickly and effectively, enhance energy levels, improve your overall aerobic capacity and health and prevent premature aging.