Subtle Energy Therapies

Subtle Energy Therapies for Healing the Mind, Body, & Spirit

Shamanic Medicine Healing,
space clearing & Journeying
Tabula Rasa Executive & Transformational Coaching
Reiki Healing &
Reiki Certification Courses
Meditation Classes for
Adults, Children & Families
Yogo Therapy & Classes for
Adults, children & Families
Access Consciousness® Bars:
Be You and Change the World
Craniosacral Therapy:
A Holistic ApproacH
Awesomism: Understand the Diagnosis & Treatment of Autism
Sound & Vibrational
Healing Therapy
Qigong Classes for
Adults, Chldren & Families
Nutritional Planning & Wellness Coaching
First Light Natural Health:
New ZeAland Native Plant Remedies
Medium, Psychic, Intuitive,
Empath  Guide Readings
Oracle, Psychic, & Trance Channel from oracle, Masters, Angels & Guides
Crystal therapy & Healing
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