Intensive Cancer Protocol
(Cancer And Restored Energy System)

Step One
Client Assessment

  • 30 Minute Phone Call or In-Person Consult

  • Review of Medical History

  • Discussion of Next Steps/Pricing Plans

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Step Two
Starting Program

  • Acceptance of Assessment and Program

  • Epigenetic Testing and Bioresonant  Scanning

  • Begin One Week Detox Protocol (At Home)

  • During this Week Custom Cancer Care Protocol is D eveloped
  • Introduction to Your Personal Care Coach

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Step Three
Begin In-Clinic Program

  • Review Personal Cancer Care Protocol

  • Bioresonant and RIFE Scanning Post Detox

  • Begin Personal Cancer Care Protocol  -Some of these therapies include Rife and Plasma Therapy, Ozone O3 Therapy, PEMF Therapy, Light and Photobiomodulation Therapy, Bi-Weekly Bioresonant Scanning, Frequency Imprinting

  • Begin Nutritional Coaching 

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Step Four
Ongoing Support

Each care plan includes six months of support. Including:

  • Weekly, live, group ZOOM calls with your personal care team to answer all your ongoing questions. These are all recorded and easy to view at your leisure as well.

  • Access to our Patients-only Facebook support group for constant connection when you need it most.

  • Follow up visits & exams with Energy Medicine Centers is always available (as recommended).

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Additional Options

At Home Therapies

  • An added option to alleviate travel into the Energy Medicine Center every week, is the option for a personal Rife machine.

  • You’ll go home with a Rife machine and therapies personally programmed for you to use every night. This way, most of your treatment is done while you sleep so you can continue to live your life being in your own space

  • You'll receive full training on the use of your Rife Machine and will  have your personal care coach every step of the way to help you stay on plan for you along the wellness journey.

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Distance Program

  • As an additional add-on, or an alternative option to our in-clinic care plans, you can choose to have one of our Distance Care Coordinators come to your home to care for you.

  • We spend two days with you teaching you, your caregivers, and family everything to help you be the most successful in your search for health.

  • In-Home visits include some or all of the following services:

  • Rife scanning and programming

  • Assisting in set up & training of your home therapies

  • Personal nutrition coaching, shopping, & meal planning

  • Testing your home for dangerous EMFs and other toxins

  • Giving you a thorough understanding of everything necessary to achieve your best

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