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Energy Medicine Centers
"Creating the Blueprint for Humanity's Planetary Transformation and Healing"

Quantum Space Medicine & Chambers
Frequency Therapies (PEMF/RIFE)
Tachyon Healing
Plasma Technology
Biofeedback Scanning & Treatment
Infrared Light & Laser Therapy
Energy Wellnes Lounge
Weightloss and Rejuvenation Pods
Ozone Therapy
Holistic & Sacred Medicine Detox
Shamanic Medicine Healing
Reiki Energy Healing
Meditation, Yoga, Qigong
Sound & Vibrational Therapy
Executive Transformational Coaching
Wellness & Nutrution Coaching
Medium-Psychic-Oracle Channeling
And More...

​​​ ​​Energy Medicine Centers offers the most advanced Energetic Healthcare technologies
and wellness therapies available today.

With proven solutions offered from emerging Technologies and Advancements in energy medicine. 
Please navigate our website or inquire on available health solutions to most effectively assist in your
energy healing, rebalance, Health Empowerment, and cellular rejunvenation!
Creating the blueprint for Humanity's planetary transformation & Healing.

the new you, the new energy, is now.

Welcome to the Energy Medicine Centers

Energy Medicine Centers