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  1. Online Healing Store
    Online Healing Store
    Various Energy Healing Products including Tachyon Chambers, Tachyonized Products and Streaming, PEMF Therapy Devices and Accessories, RIFE Machines, Energy Stations, Plasma Health and Energy Products, Energy Healing Wines and Edibles, Activated Crystals, Singing Bowls, Frequency Music, Detoxification Oils and Minerals, Toxin Binders, Self-Sustaining Garden Kits and More!
  2. Scrubs and Body Wraps
    Scrubs and Body Wraps
    Menu for Scrubs and Body Wraps Coming Soon!
  3. Bentonite, Kaolin,and French Green Clay Treatments
    Bentonite, Kaolin,and French Green Clay Treatments
    The most beneficial clay found in skincare treatments are bentonite clay, which absorbs excess sebum; kaolin clay, which boosts circulation to brighten the skin; and French green clay for exfoliation and tightening pores. Almost every skin type can benefit from these effects, as both mud and clay refine and contract pores for overall smoothness. Clients with sensitive skin, in particular, often see reduced redness and swelling, resulting in a calmer complexion.
  4. Detox Cleanses
    Detox Cleanses
    Menu for Detox and Liver Cleanses Coming Soon!
  5. Sacred Herbal and Supplemental Therapies
    Sacred Herbal and Supplemental Therapies
    Menu for Sacred Herbal and Supplemental Therapies Coming Soon!
  6. Ayurveda Treatments
    Ayurveda Treatments
    Ayurveda Treatment Menu Coming Soon!
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