Biofeedback Therapy
Biofeedback Therapy

Bioresonant Feedback Scanning: 

The latest generation of diagnostic and human health renewal.  Our world sees a never-ending advance in technology and communication and transportation, there are prepared foods that were unheard-of a generation ago and we are exposed on a daily basis to scores of chemicals, low-level radiation, toxins and pharmaceutical traces in foods and even drinking water. Our bodies are designed to flush and detoxify themselves, but sometimes the body’s systems are overwhelmed by this task.  This can result in fatigue, inflammation, allergies and disease – and bioresonance therapy can be just the thing to identify these problems and begin to address them. It goes beyond treating symptoms – instead, it reactivates the body’s ability to self-heal and purge itself of toxins and harmful substances. Bioresonance allergy tests and other bioresonance therapies have been shown to have positive benefits and outcomes, and have resulted in thousands of satisfied patients worldwide.

This Bioresonant process starts by testing and destroying the pathogenic mircoorganisms from the human body. Using the high-tech devices F-SCAN, we can accurately detect the microbes, molds, heavy metals, bacteria, parasites, and viruses which cause serious diseases in the physical body.  After dest
roying the pathogenic microorganisms, the bod
y recovers its vitality entirely and the immune system regains its normal functioning, reducing the risk of developing diseases.  This technology is not invasive and it does not cause pain.


Maximal individualization of treatment with the appliance of the patient’s energy only; Continuous automatic adjustment of therapy from one moment to another depending on the current condition of the patient; The universality of the approach and an overdose impossibility allow us to apply the method in all age groups and at different pathological states; Modern software which allows the testing and the subsequent treatment of: Allergens (food, household, animal dander, plant pollens, food supplements, etc., 366 substances in all); Fungoid agent; Environmental toxins; Dental products (material); Nozodes are “products of illnesses” – potentiated in homeopathic dilution of blood, lymph, urine, discharge of pathologically changed organs and tissues, toxins of pathogenic microorganisms; Micro elements, vitamins; Homeopathic classical remedies; Homepathic organoremedies; Chemical elements.

Step 1: Test the body for pathogenic microorganisms:  The test is done using a quantum frequency scanner. It takes up to two hours to scan the body for the following categories: parasites, worms, viruses, fungi, bacteria and molds. We can also test the body for a particular pathogenic microorganism only.  After the test, the results are compared within the database that contains over 2000 known pathogenic microorganisms. Based on the results we decide the treatment.

Step 2: Destroying and removing the pathogenic microorganisms: Each pathogenic microorganism has a specific frequency. When this frequency is produced by a quantum frequency generator, the outer membrane of that specific microorganism is shattered and it dies. The dead corpses of the pathogenic microorganisms are eliminated by the body and then the immune system starts to function properly.  When functioning 100%, the immune system is guaranteed to maintain the health and well-being of the human body.


Bioresonance Therapy

Able to analyze the homeostasis of organs to detect diseases and causes in the whole body
Able to test every individual remedy, medication, food, cosmetic etc. for any individual to detect exactly what evokes a high sensitivity, allergic or intolerant response
Able to treat all kinds of addiction
(alcohol, smoking, medication, sugar etc.) with success
 (80% success after only one treatment)
Able to treat with bioresonance and using individually prepared spectronosodes for each person
Able to treat with bioresonance and using
individually prepared spectronosodes
for each person
Able to detect the biological activity of micro flora, presence of viruses, bacteria, parasites with details of location and  degree of damage on organism
Able to treat infection of virus, bacteria and parasites effectively
Able to detect and treat the food intolerances, chemical sensitivities, electro-magnetic sensitivities