Our Mission

The Mission of Energy Medicine Centers is to assist in activating the HEALING BLUEPRINT​ 
for Humanity and our Planet. 

What does this mean?   

Energy Medicine Centers offers a new age and integrative, non-invasive healthcare modality approach that involves modern and innovative advanced technologies such as quantum space medicine (biophotonic light, frequency, plasma, ozone) and integrating these technologies and dimensional chambers with alternative medicine approaches such as medical Qigong, vibrational sound, shamanic medicine, natural herbal and plant medicines and detoxification, reiki, meditation, and yoga.  This integration offers a natural balance to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body creating an enviroment in which dis-ease can no longer exist, using Earth Elements such as Energy, Frequency, Light, Ozone, and Consciousness as the medicines (the body's natural make-up).  Our mission is to activate the blueprint for humanity's planetary transformation and healing to change the face of healthcare, offering proven wellness and healing programs for our clients that have been supressed for centuries.

This mission impact encompasses groundreaking efforts to bring H.E.A.L. (Health, Energy, and Love) to our planet.

Our current and future intentions are to open Energy Medicine Centers around the world that will include full-service Energy Medicine Centers, Quantum H.E.A.L. Clinics, the introduction to new quantum technologies developed by our Founder, as well as the construction of various residential Stargate Plasma Pyramid Cities

Energy Medicine Centers intends to not only utilize these healing technologies within our healing centers and community development/construction projects, but will aslo integrate into the health and healing of our planet and our resources (air, water, land/soil), adding a concentration to heal our agricultural production abilities, creating foods, liquids, and nutrients that are vibrationally heaing to the body and the earth.

The planet is shifting in various ways, from healthcare and economic conditions, to environmental, atmospheric, and geophysical changes, it is VITAL to allow this HEALING BLUEPRINT to continue its activation in order to adapt to the changes that have and will continue to transpire, for all generations on our beautiful planet, and for all the generations to follow.  

If you wish to join us in our inspirational and revoluntionary plans of implementing an activation of  the abundant and harmonious HEALING BLUEPRINT for humanity and our vibrant planet, please contact us to discuss our project plans and be an outstanding contribution of love, vitality, and freedom to this lifetime and the shift that is preparing for change and transformation.  


  Current Projects

Energy Medicine Centers
Open YouR Own H.E.A.L. Clinic
Pyramid Cities