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Quantum H.E.A.L. Clinics - The  Future Model of Medicine

H.E.A.L. = Health. Energy. And Love. 

​​​ ​​Energy Medicine Centers offers the first of its kind in quantum healing protocols, creating the future model of medicine and healthcare, using quantum space medicine, a procedure which devitalizes the pathogenic microorganisms with a unique individualized integration of advanced quantum technologies and sacred ancient healing modalities that include biofeedback scanning and bioresonant generation to assess the body's current health conditions and develop the specific integrated protocols of high pulsed frequency, plasma,  ozone, biophotonic light, IV light and nutrient therapy, nano-structuring hydration, medical qigong and advanced accelerator technologies.  These methods do not affect the healthy cells of the human body, but protects and regenerates them, thus the reason why these procedures do not cause any discomfort or harm.

Quantum Space Medicine supports both cell-vitalization and cell metabolism by targeting ion transport. The entire metabolism is activated, the immune system stabilized and enhanced, and cell regeneration promoted, resulting in a strengthening of weakened body functions naturally.  Research has produced hundreds of scientific papers helping to establish user protocols.  No harmful side effects have been noted to this day and this process has been used in various countries for over 30+ years. 

Experience effective and proven quantum H.E.A.L. protocols that address the (PEMS) Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual body at the cellular level with precision development designed  specifically for YOU It is time to eliminate the factors that allow dis-ease to exist and activate a quantum balancing of the natural healing resources present within and around the body for full health restoration.

Activating the Blueprint for Humanity's Planetary Transformation and Healing.  
The Quantum H.E.A.L. Protocol Services
  1. O3 and Nano Structured H2O
    O3 and Nano Structured H2O
    An integration of O3 Ozone Water and Nano Structured Biophotonic Light. In medicine, ozone therapy is used to disinfect and treat diseases by limiting the effects of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and protozoa. With the use of Ozone and nano-structured water through the integration of the botanical and light infused water, you can hydrate your body more quickly and effectively, enhance energy levels, improve your overall aerobic capacity and health and prevent premature aging.


Bioresonant Feedback
portal activation laser system 
O3 & Nano-Structured H20
Pulsed Frequency (RIFE/PEMF)
H.E.A.L. Sanctuary Pyramid
O3 Ozone Chamber
Plasma Fusion
holographic ambassador room
IV Nutrient Therapy
Biophotonic light
IV Laser Therapy
Medical Accelerator Chamber
Distance H.E.A.L. Programs
Blueprint Activation Chamber
Zero Gravity Energy Lounge
Mandalas Light Therapy
Quantum Braintap


Shamanic Medicine & Ceremony
Medical Qigong


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